Optimize your Patients

Personalized, pharmacist guided support for your medical cannabis patients.

Pharmacist Support

Science Based

Integrated Care

Are your patients at risk using Medical cannabis?

Uncertain how to answer their questions?

Too busy to provide the support they need?

They're probably going to try it anyway...

Traverse is here to help!

Medical Cannabis use
should be an informed,
safe and science driven process

Patients often get non-medical, misinformed advice.

Most medical patients don’t want to get high.



Help your patients find success under the guidance of a pharmacist.

Reliable Cannabis guidance

From start to finish, we take the confusion out of medical cannabis through pharmacist curated services.

Interaction Check

A pharmacist will review your patient's medications and supplements to ensure there are no interactions between them and cannabis.

Medication Review

With advanced plans, the pharmacist will also review for potential duplications and areas for optimization.

Cannabis Treatment Plan

Using the most up to date science available, a pharmacist will deliver a personalized plan for using medical cannabis.

How it works

1. Refer Your Patient

2. A pharmacist will review their records and Consult with your patient

3. a treatment plan Will be DELIVERed to your patient as we guide them through the process

Learn more about the challenges of integrating medical cannabis therapy into clinical practice.


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