Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are your services available?

Consultations are available for patients via phone or video conference. In person consultations for patients and physicians in the Denver metro area can be arranged for an additional fee.

What medical conditions do you work with?

TraverseRx accepts all patients interested in medication optimization, cannabis and CBD.

Do you accept patients without medical cannabis card?

TraverseRx serves patients, however, a medical card provides access to products not typically available otherwise in addition to savings on product cost. Please contact us for assistance in becoming a registered provider or information on providers who are already registered.

Do you dispense cannabis products?

No, TraverseRx does not dispense cannabis. Patients obtain their cannabis through a dispensary, caregiver or growing themselves.

Do you accept FSA or HSA cards?

Both FSA and HSA cards are regulated at the federal level, thus at this point in time it is not usually possible to pay for services with these type of cards.

Do you accept insurance?

TraverseRx does not accept insurance currently but will provide a super-bill for services provided. Patients may attempt to submit this to insurance for reimbursement, however, this is widely variable and not a guaranteed reimbursable expense.

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