tra·verse | \ trə-ˈvərs also tra-ˈvərs or ˈtra-(ˌ)vərs 

To travel across, often under difficult conditions.

The journey to effectively using medical cannabis can be difficult…

We’re here to help.


Powered by pharmacists, we have the drug experts you need to optimize your medications and provide guidance on medical cannabis.

Science based

Through critical review of the latest studies and cannabis science, we employ a science based approach to curating your medical cannabis regimen.

Patient Advocates

When it comes to your health, you're the boss. Our team is here to support you in reaching your goals through a compassionate, patient centered approach.

Our mission

Improve access to medical cannabis therapy through a pharmacist guided approach that promotes safety and effectiveness in support of patients reaching their desired health outcomes.


From identifying interactions with medications to advising on quality products, your health is our priority.


Improper use of medical cannabis leads to frustration, waste and unnecessary spending. We aim to avoid these pitfalls through plans curated just for you.


Bringing together pharmacy and medical cannabis, we deliver a unified approach to managing your medications.

Dr. Shane Carmichael, PharmD

Founder-Pharmacist-Patient advocate

A pharmacist with over 17 years of experience, Shane graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center with a Doctor of Pharmacy in 2002. With vast experience in specialty pharmacy, an area of pharmacy which focuses on complicated therapies and diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Pulmonary Hypertension and Primary Immunodeficiency, Shane is an expert in supporting patients to achieve success with their health. As medical cannabis has grown he recognized the amazing potential for medical cannabis to change lives but realized there is a big gap for patients accessing cannabis safely and effectively. Combining these passions, Shane is on a mission to assist patients in bridging the gap between traditional medicine and medical cannabis.

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