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Take the confusion out of your medications from the comfort of your home through a phone or video consultation for your personalized Medication Optimization Plan.

Interaction Check

A pharmacist will review your medications, supplements and/or CBD to ensure there are no interactions .

Medication Review

With advanced plans, the pharmacist will also review for potential duplications and areas for optimization.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Considering CBD or other supplements? Using the most up to date science, your pharmacist will create a personalized plan for using CBD and/or other supplements.

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Why an independent pharmacist review?

As we age complications from unknown drug interactions or unneeded medications have been shown to increase the risk of adverse events. Retail pharmacies are under the gun to get prescriptions out the door and, while they do a great job of filling medications safely, often lack the time to fully review your medications.

A complete review of your medications can identify problem areas, help reduce the number of prescriptions needed, address various other health concerns and determine where natural supplements, vitamins and/or CBD can be useful.

In this guide you’ll learn about the basics of using cannabis as medicine.


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